Rasslin Memories with Barrett Brown (2/10/18)

by GlenBraget on February 12, 2018

On this edition of Rasslin Memories, Glen Braget and Michael McCurdy go new school and catch up with Southern Indy star “50 Caliber” Barrett Brown to talk about how a small town introverted child with a dream, went on to become one of the top unrecognized freelance Professional Wrestlers on the scene today, Barrett Brown has been making a name for himself in the sport one step at a time. Barret shares stories of training with Cody Cunningham, “Killer” Tim Brooks, and “Cowboy” Johnny Mantell at just 15 years of age, honing his skills in the Dallas-Fort Worth scene and the many other places his talented has taken him, and what its like to the current NWA jr. Heaveyweight Champion.
Barrett has attended numerous seminars, wrestled a “who’s who” of names in the business, and wrestled at a number of the top Professional Wrestling companies in the world, including competing against Braun Strowman in a losing effort on Monday Night RAW in Houston, Texas in 2016, and working security at RAW in San Antonio in 2018 to be put through a table by Strowman. Now Barrett is ready to take over the scene not just in Texas or even the United States, but in the world.
Barrett Brown has a very fascinating pro wrestling journey to share with the listeners.


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