Rasslin Memories Than and Now with Mike Mooneyham (4/21/19)

by GlenBraget on April 29, 2019

Glen Braget and Griz McCurdy welcome pro wrestling writer and historian Mike Mooneyham to the program to talk about his latest book Final Bell. Final Bell is collection of his previous columns that remember some of pro-wrestling’s finest movers and shakers. From their rise to fame to the end of their days, Final Bell: Legends of the Mat Remembered pays tribute to fallen wrestlers such as Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and the Fabulous Moolah. The book also includes quotes from the industry’s favorite wrestling professionals like JJ Dillon, Jerry Brisco and Jim Cornette. Showcasing two forewords by industry pros Les Thatcher and Jim Ross, this book is a must-have for all dedicated wrestling fans!


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