Rasslin memories with Ric Drasin

by GlenBraget on August 21, 2013

On this edition of Rasslin Memories, Glen Braget interviews Ric Drasin on his career in Pro Wrestling and Bodybuilding, Acting, etc.
One of Ric Drasin’s biggest accomplishments was designing both the original Gold’s Gym logo— a cartoon sketch of a bald weightlifter—and the World Gym gorilla logo. Drasin wrestled professionally for 36 years as well as won several amateur bodybuilding contests during his younger years. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Drasin’s weight training partner for four years at the original Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Drasin retired from the ring at age 57, but still remains active as a professional wrestling instructor. He is also a spokesperson for Gold’s Gym International and continues his work as an artist, actor, webcast host, and writer. He’s the host of Ric’s Corner on Youtube and is a part of the SmackDown AfterBuzz TV AfterShow.


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