Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – November 21, 2013

by GlenBraget on December 3, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! The Bobs (Dylan & Muscovitz) kick things off, and we debut a new artist, Elizabeth Alsness, on MHB

Hour One Playlist

Bob Dylan- Clean Cut Kid
Bob Muscovitz- Americans
Dale Menten- This Gettin Old Sure is Getting Old
Elizabeth Alsness- Shaking
John Bennett- Who’s That Knocking
Ron Long- The Feeling
Nigel Egg- Why Minnesota, My Minnesota
Carl Unbehaun- Life Is Gold
Martin Zeller- East Side Boys
Charlie Parr- 1917
Joanna James- Back of My Mind
Steve Buttell- Oak
Shayanne- Strangers
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank- Love Don’t Kill
Mike Rudquist- Conspiracy Theory


Hour Two Playlist

Barb Ryman- Catch the Sunset
John McCutcheon- One More Mountaintop
Dan Wilson- Disappearing
Lisa Dixon- Don’t Write Me Off
Peat Moss and the Spreaders- Missing You
John Lyell and Leslee McKee- Connected
Carl Unbehaun- Lawsuit
DB Curtis and the Suspects- Farmer John
Chris Ucis- Daily Affirmation
Colleen Myhre- River Runs Dry
Mark Mallman- Missed A Year
Tim O’Reagan- River Bends
Don Croeker- Change of the Seasons
High Spirits- I Believe


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