Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – November 14, 2013

by GlenBraget on December 3, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Tonight’s show features Double Plays starting with two by Brian Laidlaw! And, as usual, I’m joined by my many cyber sidekicks via our Facebook page.

Hour One Playlist

Brian Laidlaw – Clothesline
Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade- Drugstore Hucksters
Jill Holly- Mama’s Got To Have Some
Jill Holly- I Can’t Get Enough
Tarveys- Three Weeks Behind
Tarveys- Paul Bunyan
Charlie Parr- Worried Blues
Charlie Parr- Far Cry From Fargo
Carl Unbehaun- Get To Know You
Steve Buttell– I Need a Kiss
Steve Buttell- Childlike
Dave Cofell- Fridge Song
Dave Cofell- Castles in the Sky
Lisa Dixon- The Long Year
Lisa Dixon- Leaves Fall Down

Hour Two Playlist

Barbara Jean- Flesh & Bones
Barbara Jean- Keep It Rockin
Brad Dunse- King of Her Heart
Brad Dunse- The Wall
Steve & Kimberly Wolff- Angels Have Seen Us Laughing
Steve & Kimberly Wolff- Family
David Stoddard- Driving In a Circle
David Stoddard- Professional Football
Carl Unbehaun- Who Am I
Bruce Boldt- Drive-In Movie Affair
Bruce Boldt- Rusty Old Mailbox
Bob Muscovitz- There In the Harbor
Bob Muscovitz- Angel Dust
BrakeAway- The Other Night
BrakeAway- One White Rose


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