Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – January 9, 2014

by GlenBraget on January 13, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Tonight we spin mp3’s with UNUSUAL SONG TITLES, starting with H1N1 by Root River Jam. What fun!

Hour One

Root River Jam- H1N1
Barb Ryman- Scary Mary
Tarveys- The Rutabaga
Nigel Egg- The Birds and the Bees and the Bud
Rick Bzodok and Joe Lundy- Guacabilly
Paul Westerberg- Boring Enormous
Legendary Jim Ruiz- My Bloody Yugo
Sonny Johnson- Men Should Not Wear Tight Clothes
Carl Unbehaun- Milkshake
Michael Riddle- Cajun Lutefisk
Jeremy Messersmith- A Girl, A Boy, A Graveyard
Kaptain Karl- Ocean Goat
Jeff Goodson- The 500 Pound Gorilla
Turtle Creek- Alexander Graham Blues
Big Ditch Road- And Every Shuffle Beat Lays Unemployed

Hour Two
Leon Laudenbach- The Wrath of God and A Plymouth
Brad Dunse- Redneck Institute of Technology
Gackle Trucker Band- Praise the Lard for That Pious Crust
Aaron Tank- $2 Shirt & a $40 Dollar Hoop
Tom Engelhardt- Pigs Are in the Field
Kaptain Karl- The First Loud Ding Dong of Time and Doom
Chan Polling- I Don’t Want to Kill Anymore
Carl Unbehaun- If You Can’t Live Without Me
Bob Dylan- Working On a Guru
Tony Wentersdorf- My Seagull
Mark Grimm- Me and my Tattoo
Cole Randall- Szuletesnapot Avya
Gackle Trucker Band- Skinny Dipping With an Alien
The Novas- The Crusher


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