Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – January 2, 2014

by GlenBraget on January 6, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! First show of 2014 begins with John Kimball’s reminder as to why it’s a very wise thing to head south this time of year, and a new song by Lisa Degueseppi–plus a new artist to MHB, Paul Metsa!

John Kimball- Leaving Minnesota
Jim Cadwell- Down In Mexico
Lisa Degueseppi- What’s the Difference
Dave Coffell & Randy Mikelberg- Beatin Blue
Bill Piekarski- My Dog Hates You
Paul Metsa- Virginia
Eunice Collette- True North
Carl Unbehaun- That Moment
Idlewheel- People Like You and Me
Mary Bue- Apple In the Ocean
Chris Uscis- Touch Me
Steve Kaul & the Brass Rings- Ida Belle
Bob Muscovitz- Full Moon Night
Arlo Cristofaro- Changing Colors

Barbara Jean- Keep It Rockin
Christopher Ray- Something Blue
Dennis Warner- Rendezvous
Kaptain Karl- Introducing the Door
Amanda Grace- The Ants Made Me Do It
Don Croeker- A Love That’s Fully Grown
Jack Sundrud- Taste for Life
Alexis Harris- Gypsy Caravan
Carl Unbehaun- Up Against a Stump
Mike Munson- Black Bird
Germaine Gemberling- Dive Right In
Tarveys- Three Weeks Behind
Jim Burt- She Looked Sixteen
Doug Millaway- Filthy Rich
Starfolk- Wake Up Machine
Underbeats- Foot Stompin


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