Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – December 19, 2013

by GlenBraget on January 6, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Tonight we intersperse original holiday music with our regular fare of stupendous offerings by Minnesota singer-songwriters, especially featuring the “Txt U a Mry Xmas” CD by the Gackle Trucker Band!

Hour One
Nigel Egg- Little Stumpy’s Christmas
James Burt- Too Many Flags
Gackle Trucker Band- Christmas With the Gackles
Wayne Hamilton- Christmas Song
Idlewheel- Pebble In My Shoe
Bob Muscovitz- Christmas Fantasy
Gackle Trucker Band- Elves on Strike
Carl Unbehaun- Falling In Love for Christmas
Mike Munson- Too Far Gone
David Stoddard- Santa Rides a Big Old Harley Davidson
Gackle Trucker Band- Fire In My Heart
Mary Bue- 8 Feet of Snow
Gackle Trucker Band- We Txt U a Mry Xmas
Bob Muscovitz- This Christmas Night

Hour Two
Leon Laudenbach- Wrath of God and a Plymouth Fury III
Gackle Trucker Band- The Self Help Blues
Arlo Cristofaro- Changing Colors
Nigel Egg- Grandpa’s Christmas Star
Elle Pollock- Monsters
Gackle Trucker Band- Smelly Santa
Jack Sundrud- Modern Day Blacksmith
Amanda Grace- Candy Planet
Carl Unbehaun- Happy Chronozah
Jake McBroom- Great Northern Sky
Gackle Trucker Band- Rebel Rudolph
Gackle Trucker Band- Christmas In Hell
Bob Muscovitz- Joy of Christmas
Unbelievable Uglies- Keep Her Satisfied


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