Northwest Minnesota Arts Council (NWMAC) Update October 24, 2017

by GlenBraget on October 27, 2017

Lucille Nelson of Argyle, Minnesota has been painting and drawing since childhood. She currently has an exhibit at the NWMAC River Walk Artist Gallery in East Grand Forks. The exhibition, “Past and Present Passages,” is a selection of her works she has created since mid-2000. Lucille’s works evoke the feeling of being carried from your current place and time–transporting the viewer to a farmyard in the 1950s, to a lake in northern Minnesota or among children playing in a yard.
Many of Lucille’s drawings bring to life bygone scenes and whimsical moments of the past, and especially portray the people who lived them–her uncle as a young boy playing hockey, her husband as a toddler, and her own children, now grown, in the vibrant purity of their youth.
She will be participating in an artist reception on Saturday, October 28th at the NWMAC Artists Gallery in East Grand Forks, MN from 1 pm until 5pm.


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