From Iraq to Moorhead, MN: Ron West Talks with Author Newzad Brifki 10/25/17

by GlenBraget on October 27, 2017

Moorhead, Minnesota resident Newzad Brifki’s journey to America began in Kurdistan, from which his family fled in 1988 when he was seven years old, due to the oppressive governmental regime of Saddam Hussein. He lived in a refugee camp in Turkey for 4 years before coming to America with his family, being sponsored by two families through Lutheran Social Services.

Brifki discusses his book, “My Journey to America”, a personal memoir about this journey to America.

He graduated high school in Moorhead, and eventually earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and an MBA in 2014.

Brifki is the founder and director of the Kurdish Community of America, which is a resource center for the vast local Kurdish community members in the Fargo-Moorhead area and a bridge to the greater community, nurturing understanding of Kurdish people’s stories and history.


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