Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show – July 4, 2013

by GlenBraget on October 1, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! “Americans” by Bob Muscovitz leads off this 4th of July show!

Hour One Playlist

Bob Muscovitz- Americans
Actual Wolf- The Fool
Neal Swanger –Almost July 2
Lyle Swedeen- Sunshine Inside
Brianna Lane- Pancakes
Jeff Goodson- Singing My Heart Out
Carl Unbehaun- Take Me to the Pacific
Chresten Hyde- Best Blue Suit
Wayne Hamilton- Gettysburg
Don Croeker- Change of the Seasons
Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade- Drug Store Huckster

Hour Two Playlist

Brakeaway- Climbing
Steve & Kimberly Wolff- My Simple Heart
Tim Fast- Starlite Drive-In
Dave Cofell- Fridge Song
Dave Cofell- Going to the Graveyard Someday
Monica LaPlante- Always
Carl Unbehaun- Endless Summer
Bob Dylan- Gates of Eden
Mike Rudquist- Conspiracy Theory
Sasha Mercedes- Collision
John Kimball- Find Some Gold
Josh Von Mink- To Venus


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