Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show October 30, 2014

by GlenBraget on November 1, 2014

Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! It only happens a couple of times each year when we have a 5th Thursday. That means it’s WACKY MUSIC NIGHT. We’ll be playing selections by Kaptain Karl, Dale Menten, Great Uncle Helmer Tony Wentersdorf, and others, and your humble host will bring his guitar and play a couple from his corny catalog of compositions!

Hour 1

You Make Me Sick – Gackle Trucker Band
Ashes in the F Hole – BrakeAway
If I Were the Governor of Minnesota – Nigel Egg
The Last Straw – Dale Menten
Pot of Gold – Bob Muscovitz
The Rutabaga Song – Tarveys
Atom Bomb Baby – Tony Wentersdorf
Milkshake – Carl Unbehaun
Chicken Walk – Dave Meeks
Daggers – Kaptain Karl
Cajun Lutefisk – Michael Riddle
I’m Dead – Great Uncle Helmer
I Ain’t No Goat – Bruce Boldt
The Fridge Song – Dave Cofell
My Number’s Unlisted – Restroom Music
OJ’s on the Loose – Carl Unbehaun
Lines in the Sand – Kenny Wayne LeTexier

Hour 2

The Hitchhiker – Dave Cofell
Introducing the Door – Kaptain Karl
Boat Butt – Dale Menten
Kelly’s Swamp – Dave J Palluck
Puke – Carl Unbehaun
Oh, No! – Great Uncle Helmer
For the Record – Qualified Employees
Ghost – Al Eizenveldt
Garbage – Kaptain Karl Wicklund
My Dog Hates You – Bill Piekarski
Monotone – Carl Unbehaun
The Crusher – The Novas


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