Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – October 25, 2012

by GlenBraget on September 30, 2013


Host Carl Unbehaun presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Minnesota Homebrew plays everything from Bob Dylan to Bob Muscovitz. First up: “Old Into New” by Rod Kinny!

Hour One Setlist

Rod Kinny- Old into New
Amy & Adams- Golden Colorado
David Stoddard- Professional Football
Cole Randall- Concrete
Makenzie Caine- You’re a Doll
Vintage Mink- Runaway
Carl Creighton- Johnny after the War
Nigel Egg- Going to Home Depot
Dale Menten- Was That the Wine Talking
Bob Muscovitz- I Fly Like an Eagle

Hour Two Setlist

Bluedog- Get Up and Get Out
Adam Hammer- Underwater Love Song
Steve Wolff & Leslee Mckee- Start Again
Honeydogs- Death by Boredom
Dave Cofell- Dreamin’
Carl Unbehaun- Sucks to be you
Sabastian Roberts- He Lied
Michael Loonan- Meet me on the Way to Madison
Steve Wolff and Kimberly Vander Hoeven- Family
Bob Muscovitz- Wish I Could I Fish
Bones of Griff- The Ink


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