Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – November 29, 2012

by GlenBraget on September 30, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Minnesota Homebrew plays everything from Bob Dylan to Bob Muscovitz, and on the half hour, Carl performs an original song from his catalog of “folk music run amok!” “Got Me a Sweet Thing” by Little Bobby & the Storm kicks off this episode–enjoy!

Hour One Playlist

Little Bobby & the Storm- Got Me a Sweet Thing
Jeff James- That Girl
Jeff Arundel- It’s OK
Michael Riddle- Cajun Lutefisk
Carl Unbehaun- Newsflash
Debra Hadraba- Judas Does
Bob Muscovitz- There on the Mantle
Virgil Trucker & Jake Braking- In the Middle
Barb Ryman- Nursery Rhymes
Don Karsky- No Accident, No Plan
Brady Pearl & the Ashes- Times Have Changed

Hour Two Playlist

Chresten Hyde- Everybody Knows
Makenzie Caine- Pretty In Red
Nigel Egg- The Birds, the Bees, the Bud
Steve West- Dancing Lady
James Apollo- Dead Men Weigh More
GB Leighton- One Foot Over
Steve Wolff & Kimberly Vander Hoeven- Til the Stars Fall Down
Shawn Vougeot- Walls of Glass
Brad Dunse- Old Town Road
What Tyrants- Mighty, Mighty
Wayne Hamilton- Stuff
Sonny Johnson- Dead Flowers Inn


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