Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – November 1, 2012

by GlenBraget on September 30, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Minnesota Homebrew plays everything from Bob Dylan to Bob Muscovitz. First up: Deb Hadraba with “Time After Fire.

Hour One Setlist

Debra Hadraba- Time after Fire
Sara Softich- Ireland
Michael Loonan- The Arthur Way of Life
Adam Hammer- Scared Alive
All the Right Moves- The Monster I’ve Become
Chris Koza- Midnight Rose
Carl Unbehaun- Don’t Let Me Get Caught Out in the Rain
Revelators- Sweeter World
Bob Muscovitz- Life Is Like a Candle
Willy Porter- How to Rob a Bank
GB Leighton- Pickle Park
Dan Bern- Trudy
Dave Cofell- No Substitute for You
Carl Franzen- Not Here for Losing

Hour Two Setlist

9Tomorrows- Slip on by
Wayne Hamilton- Cookie Lovers Ramble
Alison Scott- Almost
Brad Dunse- King of Her Heart
Terramara- Running Down the Avenue
Michael Monroe- If
Tisdales- Box of Wine
Carl Unbehaun- Why, Why, Why
Larry Suess- Shed My Skin
Denise Gaber-Ostby- Realize
David Levin- Sweet Red Wine
Shane Martin- Grateful
Bill Piekarski- My Dog Hates You
Chresten Hyde- the Sailor and the Sea


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