Minnesota Homebrew Music Show May 29, 2014

by GlenBraget on June 4, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Minnesota Homebrew plays everything from Bob Dylan to Bob Muscovitz, and sometimes Carl performs an original song from his catalog of “folk music run amok!” We aspire to provide a musical venue for Minnesota singer-songwriters who haven’t yet hit the big time, so go to our Facebook page to learn how to submit your original songs. Coz without songwriters, there’d be no music!

1st Hour

My Yellow House – Steve & Kim Wolff
Back to the Blues – Nigel Egg
First Thing – Dennis Warner
Sunny Day – Leslee McKee with John Lyell
Draggin’ Thief River – WoodPicks
The Road Not Taken – Dennis Cooke
Dentistry – Mary Bue
I’m Not Following You – Fizz Kizer
Visions of Mallory – Don Croeker
Running Out – Sonny Johnson
Loretta – Christopher Laumb
Robin Hood – Gackle Trucker Band
Somewhere in Mexico – Dale Menten

2nd Hour
North Country Woman – Brian Walstad
A Little Like This – Anna Marie Mitchell
Somewhere in Mexico – Dale Menten
Scars – Elle Pollock
Imagining You Naked – Nigel Egg
Gypsy Caravan – Alexis Harris
Lonesome Banjo – Michael Kac
Time – Actual Wolf
How About You – Bob Muscovitz
Maybe It’s OK – Dave Birk
Soldier’s Daughter – Barb Ryman
Travelling – Cathy Kongloth
The Sailor & the Sea – Chresten Hyde
I Want You to Love Me – CA Quintet


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