Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show March 5, 2015

by GlenBraget on March 7, 2015

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MHB 03/05/2015 Setlist

Life’s Too Short – Steve Buttell
Any Way I Do – Mother Banjo Band
Love Is Like – Tony Wentersdorf
A Dream I Chased – Court Babcock
Beer News – “Chill Baby Li’l Lager” baby bottle
Power of Love – Larry Suess
Cookie Lover’s Ramble – Wayne Hamilton
Michael Loonan – The Longest Ride
Wait Here – Elizbeth Alness
Me & You – No Grass Limit
Imagining You Naked – Nigel Egg
Call In Rich – Mike Rudquist
Gold in Colorado – Amy & Adams
Face of Minnesota – Bob Muscovitz
The Bar’s a Prison – Hugh Bob & the Hustle
Ashes in the F-Hole – BrakeAway


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