Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show March 13, 2014

by GlenBraget on March 17, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! March is our pledge drive month, and we introduce new artists to MHB: Michael Kac & Dan Israel. We’s gonna have us some fun tonight!

1st Hour
Where You Gonna Lay Your Head Tonight – Ben Aaron
Rain – Cathie English
Son Like You – Michael Riddle
Mediterranean Eyes – Jack Schauer
Invincible – Lisa Deguiseppe
Crows Nested Early – Bruce Boldt
Happy Day – Kaptain Karl
The Blues Is Personal – Nigel Egg
Travelling – Cathy Kongloth
Rollin’ Away – Dan Israel
I’m Right and You’re Wrong – Deb Harley
Wish I Could Fish – Bob Muscovitz
A Thing About Love – Doug Millaway
Perfect 10 – Corey Koehler

2nd Hour
End of Time – Danielle Diamond
Bullfrogs & Bugs – John Kimball
Kiss It All Goodbye – Michael Kac
Feel the Rain – Jill Holly
You Ain’t Easy to Forget – Brian Walstad
Shaking – Elizabeth Alsness
She’s Everywhere I Am – Shane Martin
Conversation With a Wrecking Ball – Lonnie Knight
Bartender – Vernon Dixon
A Farmer – Dave Novak
Kindness of Strangers – Starfolk
Stargazing – Jon Tweet & Old Vern


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