Minnesota Homebrew Music Show – January 10, 2013

by GlenBraget on September 30, 2013


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Country kicks off this evening with Shane Martin’s “She’s Everywhere I Am.”

Hour One Playlist

Shane Martin- She’s Everywhere
Cindy Cole Nelson- Get the Love Thing Right
Martin Zeller and the Hardways- Running on Pure Fear
David Stoddard- Driving in a Circle
Crosby Reisch- Everyone
Bob Muscovitz- Angel Dust
Carl Unbehaun- Cast Iron Heart
Rod Kinny- Prime Mover
Lisa DeGueseppi- Why
Christopher Ray- Do Something Good
Jeff James- That Girl
John Lyell and Leslee McKee- Bump In the Road

Hour Two Playlist

Virgil Trucker and Jake Braking- Ashes in the F Hole
Brad Dunse- Fields of North Dakota
Rebecca Aadland- Happy Couple
Carl Unbehaun/Don Karsky- Finished
Mike Rudquist- Love is For Dopes
Barbra Gillespie- Martin and Ebb
Carl Franzen- Who Put Me In a Movie
Scotty Torgerson- Cock a Doodle Do
Carl Creighton- Freedom is a Buzzword
Carl Unbehaun- Just the Two of Us
Jill Holly- I Can’t Thank you Enough
Dave Birk- My Sleeping Beauty
Nate Ness- Dead of the Night
GB Leighton- Forever Ago


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