Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show January 1, 2015

by GlenBraget on January 4, 2015

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Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Our New Year’s Day show features delectable ditties by members of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters, all 96 strong! Check them out at www.MNSongwriters.org. And, as a special treat, we play a song that was written and recorded on New Year’s Eve by Doug Millaway!

Hour 1

I Think It’s Beautiful – Amy & Adams
I Need a Kiss – Steve Buttell
He’ll Dance With Them All – Tim Hildebrandt
One More Thing – Greg Sanders (Millaway)
The Truth of You & Me – Nigel Egg
Spider Ride – No Grass Limit (Millar)
Cherry Street – David Hanners
Water Under the Bridge – Andrew Spreck
What’s the Difference – Lisa DeGuiseppe (Millaway)
Let’s Grow Old Together – Bob Muscovitz
It’s No Joke – Court Babcock
Smallest Sign – Wayne Hamilton (Hamilton/Millaway/Alness)
Crossing Bridges – Deb Barrett
All of Me – Shane Martin

Hour 2

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This – Dave Birk
Games We Play – Doug Millaway
Don’t Run Away – Mike Rudquist & Corrine Hackert
I’m Getting Thirsty – Dennis Cooke
Folk Hero (Zimmerman Blues) – John Bennett
Connected – Leslee McKee with John Lyell
Love Fire – Larry Suess
Michigan – Jeff Goodson
Please Don’t Hassle Me – Tony Wentersdorf
Pigs Are in the Field – Tom Engelhardt
Not So Far Away – J Eric Menge
No One Knows – Debra Hadraba
Road to Lantry – Eli Hoehn
Redneck Institute of Technology – Brad Dunse


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