Minnesota Homebrew Music Show February 20, 2014

by GlenBraget on February 27, 2014


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! First out of the gate this evening is Barbara Jean with “Joy” from her CD titled “The Great Escape” along with lots of new songs on MHB

Hour One
Barbara Jean- Joy
Bill Piekarski- Gonna Love You Anyway
Arlo Christofo- Kitestring
Adam Hammer- Underwater Love Song
Elle Pollock- Alice
Doug Millaway- Lessons In Love
Carl Unbehaun- Everything You Do
Rod Kinny- Competition
Nigel Egg- Going to Home Depot
Dennis Cooke- I’m Getting Thirsty
Amanda Grace- Candy Planet
Chris Ray- The Moon- The Stars and The Sun
Fizz Kizer- The Current
Lonnie Knight- Bad Cats

Hour Two
Jim Cadwell- Down In Mexico
Lisa Dixon- Let the Song Grow
Tarveys- The Rutabaga Song
Eric Addington- Breathe
Jaspar Lepak- To Pieces
Michael Loonan- The Arthur Way of Life
Carl Unbehaun- Icicle Man
Bob Muscovitz- Minnesota Take Me Back
Lisa DeGueseppi- Why
John Bennett- Look What They’ve Done
Jom Bohn- Back Seat
Red Johnson- Old Barns and Old People
Unbelievable Uglies- Get Straight


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