Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show August 13, 2015

by GlenBraget on February 3, 2016


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! We play songs with female names in the titles on this show, from Jean Marie to Suzanne to Alice. And, on our beer news, we giddily announce the birth of HeffeWheaties!

MHB 08/13/2015

Wake Up Elizabeth – Steve Buttell
Suzanne – dancing Light
Visions of Mallory – Don Croeker
Wanda’s Farm – Mike Munson
Alice – Elle Pollock
I Wish I Knew Where Katie Was – Nigel Egg
Tiana (Fire Breathing Lady) – Gackle Trucker Band
Erikana – Kaptain Karl
Ballad of Lucy – Adam Hammer
Jean Marie – Riddle Brothers
Sadie – Chresten Hyde
Jolene – Steve & Kim Wolff
Shila – Pat Lenertz Ban


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