Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 10/23/14

by GlenBraget on October 29, 2014

Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Blues, blues and more blues on tonight’s show. Every song has BLUES in the title whether it’s slow or fast or somewhere in between. Join us!

Hour 1

Qualified Reciprocation Blues – Wayne Hamilton
Fishin’ Blues – John Bennett
Company Blues – Steve Kaul & the Brass Kings
Friday Night Working Man Blues – Scotty Torgerson
Country Blues – Roger Fink & the Opposable Thumbs
Big Roll Blues – Peat Moss & the Spreaders
Lucky Man Blues – Nigel Egg
Blues Time Singer – Ericksons
Rarebird Blues – Aaron Tank
Feel Good Blues – Chris Ray
Judas Sang the Blues – Paul Metsa
Small Blues – David Stoddard
Poor Boy Blues – Brady Perl

Hour 2

Talkin’ Ponzi Scheme Blues – Ben Aaron
Reverend Eviction’s Blues – Charlie Parr
No Woman Blues – Dan Rumsey
Rat Race Blues – James Burt
Getting Older Blues – BrakeAway
Broken Hearted Blues – No Grass Limit
Burshville Blues – David Meeks
Pony Blues – Mike Munson
Facebook Blues – Dave Cofell
Frac Sand Blues – Corey Koehler
Coke & Carbon Blues – David Hanners
Single Mom Blues – Dennis Cooke (Unnamed Female Singer)
Walkin’ Blues – Fattenin’ Frogs


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