Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 10/10/16

by GlenBraget on October 10, 2016

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Our monthly show dedicated to the Minnesota Association of Songwriters features Bob Muscovitz, Tim Hildebrandt, Ruby Nordby, Pushing Chain and others. And we report on edible six-pack rings. What will they think of next?

MHB 10/06/2016

01 One More Chance – No Grass Limit
02 The Bridge – Greg Connor
03 It’s Only Money – Tim Hildebrandt
04 I’m Coming Home – Ruby Nordby
05 A Lifetime to Forget – Wayne Hamilton
06 Autumn Splendor – Bob Muscovitz
07 Starting to Shine – Larry Suess
08 Happy Couple – Rebecca Aadland
09 Money – Kevin Bowen
10 Tightropes and Fine Lines – Pushing Chain
11 Singing in the Silence – Colleen Dillon (NEW)
12 Jody – Dave Birk


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