Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 04/23/15

by GlenBraget on April 29, 2015

MHB 04/23/2015

That’s Why I’m Walking – Ty Otis
Cold Wind Feat – Anne Drinkwine
Pay My Dues – Ross William Perry
The Breeze – Benny K.
A Country Dozen – Todd Sauer
Sticks & Stones – Little Bobby & the Storm (B. Houle)
Bread Is Buttered in Bluegrass – Lori King & Junction 63
(Joe King)
Rivers Run Dry – Colleen Myhre
Smoking Horse – Tarveys (Imholte)
Breathe – Erik Koskinen
My Heart is Set – Jake Hagedorn
Rode Away – Todd Sisson
Learn to Love Again – All the Right Moves


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