Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 04/06/17

by GlenBraget on April 10, 2017

It’s time again for spotlighting songs written by members of the MN Association of Songwriters, from Charlie Roth to Bob Muscovitz to Debra Hadrba. And we tell you about Revelation Ale Works in Hallock MN. Woo hoo!

MHB Setlist 04/06/2017 – MAS

1 Carter’s Tune – Charlie Roth
2 Grandma’s Homemade Wine – Andrew Spreck
3 No Moon in the Sky Tonight – Doug Millaway
4 Family – Kim & Steve Wolff
5 Minnesota Town – Greg Connor
6 Sandbox of Color – Bob Muscovitz
7 Bad Company – Wayne Hamilton (c/w Corey Tanner)
8 End of the Earth – Emily Whitcomb
9 Movin’ Along That Open Prairie – Steven J Schmidt
10 Sunny Day – Leslee McKee
11 Hug for Our Planet – Tony Wentersdorf
12 No One Knows – Debra Hadraba


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