Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 02/04/16

by GlenBraget on March 2, 2016

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Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! Tonight it’s songs by members of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters from Wayne Hamilton to Mike Rudquist. And we report on Brainerd’s new beer factory, Roundhouse Brewery

MHB 02/04/2016 – MAS

01 I Know – Wayne Hamilton
02 Me & You – No Grass Limit (Sandi Millar)
03 Easy Money – Mark Grim
04 Burn – Emily Whitcomb
05 Window Sill – Doug Millaway
06 What It Was – Life As We Know It (Leslee McKee-Perry)
07 Stronger With Love – Richard Schletty
08 Got No Money – Bob Muscovitz
09 Don’t Make No Fuss Over My Remains – The Skally Line (Fred Keller)
10 Racing Heart – Rebecca Aadland
11 Country Music 101 – Dave Birk
12 The Only One – Ruby Nordby
13 Albuquerque in the Morning – Mike Rudquist


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