Minnesota Homebrew August 28, 2014

by GlenBraget on August 29, 2014


1st Hour

Sweet, Sweet Summertime – Larry Suess
Summer Days, Summer Nights – Dave J Palluck
Summer – Shyanne
A Warm Summer Day – Don Croeker
The Last Light of Summer – Tarveys
In the Summer – Paul Spring
The Taste of Summertime – Color Pharmacy
In Summer, When We Were Free – Shaun Daniel
Summers End – SoulShine
Autumn Splendor – Bob Muscovitz
Autumn’s Song – Brad Dunse
Autumn Wind Song – Larry Suess
Sunshine at Midnight – Red Johnson
Sunshine Inside – Lyle Swedeen

2nd Hour

Stars Over the Prairie – Paul Metsa
Blood on a Crescent Moon – Adam Hammer & the Impact
Sunshine and Stars – Jaspar Lepak
Midnight Moon – Starfolk
Under the North Star Tonight – Mike Rudquist
Michigan Moon – Neal Swanger
Oh, To Be a Shooting Star – Brady Perl
The Moon – Kaptain Karl
Till the Stars Fall Down – Kim & Steve Wolff
Pluto – Tony Wentersdorf
Drunken Moon – Nathan Ness
The Moon and the Stars – John Mark Nelson
Right Where the Sun Don’t Shine – Scotty Torgerson
Late December – Gypsy


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