Roll Out the Kooky Songs 1/21/16

by GlenBraget on March 6, 2016

Carl Unbehaun shares some of the Kookiest songs to ever be recorded in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Minnesota Music Memories 01/21.2016 – KOOKY SONGS 1

Uf-Da Minnesota – Mr. Jenkins Jr.
Twas the Night Before Christmas – Axel Torgeson
Please Mr. Custer – Larry Verne
King of the Great Northwoods – Bobby Aro
The Secret Service Makes Me Nervous – Anita Gillette
No More Bomb – GoldeBriars
Little Red and the Wolf Tee Off – Jimmy Bowman
I Love Onions – Roger Awsumb as Casey Jones (lip-syncing a song by Susan Christie)
The Crusher – Novas
Long Tall Texan – Gestures
Green Green Backs of Home – Trashmen and the Desert Rat Singers
Livin’ in Minnesota – Rich Lyons
Foosball Feelin’ – Spangle
Minnesota Gurls – Thompson & Schultz
All You Need Is a Fishing Pole – The Tip Ups
Why Minnesota, My Minnesota – Nigel Egg
The Minnesota Song – Dan Adler


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