Carl Unbehaun Is Full of Kooky Tunes 02/18/16

by GlenBraget on March 15, 2016


Carl Unbehaun presents an episode filled to the brim with some of the Kookiest songs to have ever sprung out of the great state of Minnesota and Upper Midwest.

Minnesota Music Memories 02/18/2016 – KOOKY TUNES 1

Uff Da Minnesota – Mr. Jenkins Jr.
The Night Before Christmas – Clelland Card as Axel Torgeson
Please Mr. Custer – Larry Verne
King of the Northwoods – Bobby Aros
The Secret Service Makes Me Nervous – Anita Gillette
Little Red and the Wolf Tee Up – Jimmy Bowman
I Love Onions – Roger Awsumb as Casey Jones lip-syncing to “I Love Onions” by Susan Christie
The Crusher – The Novas
Long Tall Texan – The Gestures
Green Green Back of Home – The Trashmen with the Desert Rat Singers
Living in Minnesota – Rich Lyons
Foosball Fever – Spangle
Minnesota Gurls – Dime & Peppimoo
All You Need Is a Fishing Pole – The Tip Ups
Why Minnesota, My Minnesota – Nigel Egg


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