Grand Forks Native Tom Brosseau on Pioneer 90.1 and at ND Museum of Art

by markjohnson on October 8, 2013

Listen at 4:05PM Wednesday (10/9) for Ron West’s interview with Grand Forks native Tom Brosseau.

Brosseau, along with special guest Sean Watkins (founding member of Nickel Creek), will perform an intimate concert at the North Dakota Museum of Art on Thursday, October 10, 7:30 pm. Tickets are $13 for Museum members, and $15 for non-members. Limited seating is available. Call 701-777-4195 for tickets.


Tom Brosseau comes from a family of untrained musicians. In grade school, Tom’s grandmother, Lillian Uglem, taught him to play the acoustic guitar. Tom never looked back. He left Grand Forks and struck out for Los Angeles and has since toured the world playing bars and grand halls, backyards and subways.


Over the years Brosseau has shared the stage with the likes of PJ Harvey and John Doe. His tours have brought him to Iceland, Australia, Japan, and on occasion, Grand Forks. In 2012, Tom returned to his hometown to perform with singer, songwriter, and  actor John C. Reilly and his band John Reilly and Friends, a band dedicated to the current American folk revival. It was during this time that Brosseau and Reilly recorded a 7” vinyl single titled John and Tom, produced by Jack White for Third Man Records.


Brosseau will be playing cuts from his forthcoming album Grass Punks, his first solo release in five years, and his seventh studio album. Grass Punks was recorded and produced by Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek) in a house near the 101 FWY in Hollywood, California. As Brosseau states, “”My first musical recordings were done on the family dictation machine. Cassette tapes I bought for cheap at garage sales, the soundtrack to Batman, Beethoven, Enya, which I then unlocked by obstructing the write-protect tab with tape. My idea of a recording studio isn’t some climate controlled facility with cutting-edge technology but a bedroom, Radio Shack mic and tape machine, and when I think of album manufacturing I think of Leslie Dillahunt, who still runs media production out of her home in La Mesa, California.”


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