Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show July 30, 2015

by GlenBraget on August 10, 2015

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Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings!

MHB 07/30/2015

Coffee Tasted Better When You Were Here – Ann Reed
Chameleon Tea – Jeff Goodson
Crackers for Your Wine – Scotty Torgerson
Corn Whiskey – Vernon Dixon
Six Pack of Beer and a Pack of Cigarettes – Erik Koskinen
Whiskey Sweet – Mark Allen
The Birds and the Bees and the Bud – Nigel Egg
Milkshake – Carl Unbehaun
Pretty Name for Whiskey – Leon Laudenbach
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee – John Bennett
Cream Soda – Fattenin’ Frogs
Dirty Martini – Root River Jam
Just Looking For Water – Pat Lenertz Band


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