Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 06/15/17

by GlenBraget on June 16, 2017

Carl Unbehaun presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! TWIN SPINS on this show. That means two by Bob, two by Joey, two by Danielle–you get the point. And we share Father’s Day news of the uKeg. All on MHB

MHB 06/15/2017

1 You Know It Doesn’t Hurt – PeatMoss & the Spreaders
2 Somebody Changed – Dale Menten
3 I Believe – Bob Muscovitz
4 Bob Dylan – Danielle Diamond
5 3’s Enough – Wrong Omar
6 I’ll Love You More – Pushing Chain
7 Broken Oars – Pushing Chain
8 Draggin’ on the Bottom – Dale Menten
9 Wish I Could Fish – Bob Muscovitz
10 The One That You Love – Wrong Omar
11 White Balloon – Danielle Diamond
12 Breakin’ Stones – PeatMoss & the Spreaders


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