Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?

featured,Northland Morning,Pioneer by markjohnson on September 28, 2011

Pop_Stars_Podcast_092711.mp3Fame is fleeting. The mention of a household name of a generation ago may make a teenager of today say, “who?”

The stars of pop music are especially prone to being forgotten as each new month brings a new hit song, a new fad, and a new sound to music.

Our guests today were inspired by the question “whatever happened to …?” Authors Marti Childs and Jeff March set out to answer that question about seven musical acts from the 60s and 70s in a new book called “Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone,” which revisits the careers of Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits, The Kingston Trio, Chris Montez, The Spiral Staircase, The Zombies, The Association, and Minnesota’s own Bobby Vee.

Photographer Bob Gruen on “Rock Seen”

featured,Northland Morning,Pioneer by markjohnson on September 14, 2011

Bob Gruen InterviewOur guest today has had a front row seat for a good chunk of rock and roll’s history. And thankfully for us, he has had a camera with him the entire time. Bob Gruen is best known for his iconic image of John Lennon in the New York City t-shirt. Arms folded in front of him, looking through dark sunglasses, part of the New York Skyline behind him. Gruen calls that photo his “hit single,” and it’s one of many photos from 40 years of rock n roll featured in his new book, “Rock Seen,” published earlier this month by Abrams New York.