Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show August 17, 2017

by GlenBraget on August 18, 2017

We’re back from our summer break and rarin’ to go. On this show, we feature outstate artist PeatMoss & the Spreaders (from North Dakota) and two singer-songwriters from Ontario, Bonnie Couchie and Binaeshee Quae Councie Nabigon, along with regulars Bob Muscovitz, Nigel Egg and Rachael Kilgour. And we tell you how a tax cut could help the craft beer industry. Woo hoo! (Aired 08/17/2017)

MHB 08/17/2017

1 Old Man Walking – Dave Cofell
2 Survivalist – Doug Millaway
3 Citrus – Holly Henry
4 Eggshell Heart – Greg Tiburzi
5 Sometimes – PeatMoss & the Spreaders
6 Pretty Stories – Bonnie Couchie
7 No Cup of Tea – Binaeshee Couchie Nabigon (Bin A She Coochee- Nab i gon)
8 Bust Out – Carl Torgerson
9 Let’s Grow Old Together – Bob Muscovitz
10 Still My Wife – Rachael Kilgour
11 Imagining You Naked – Nigel Eg


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