Rasslin Memories Remembers Pretty Boy Doug Somers (5/20/17)

Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on May 20, 2017

This edition of Rasslin Memories is all about the life and career of “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers, who passed away May 16th. George Schire and Glen Braget pay tribute to Doug Somers, from his very early days taking tickets for the AWA at the Calhoun Beach Hotel to his memorable run with Playboy Buddy Rose as tag champs in 1986, working with the Midnight Rockers in some unforgettable mat classics. Though not known for being a top attraction for most of his career, Doug Somers was well respected by his peers and longtime fans and worked many a territory from his debut in 1971 all the way up to his final match in 2012. Also included is an interview with Doug Somers from the Rasslin Memories archives. wRESTle in peace Doug Somers.

Rasslin Memories Remembers Verne Gagne’s May Memories and More (5/13/17)

Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on May 13, 2017

The Month of May was a very special month in the career of Verne Gagne. George Schire and Glen Braget discuss some of those significant highlights including Verne’s “Retirement Match” May 10, 1981 against Nick Bockwinkel as well as his very first professional match. We’ll clear up the confusion about when Verne’s first match happened and touch on his top opponents and feuds in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

Rasslin Memories With Featured Guest Tony Condello (05/06/17)

Area News and Events,featured,Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on May 6, 2017

George Schire and Glen Braget welcome the always entertaining Tony Condello to the program to discuss his 50 plus years in the pro wrestling business in Central Canada. Tony tells us about his early days in the ring working in Manitoba as well as working in the United States for Verne Gagne and the AWA. Verne and Tony haven’t always seen eye to eye and you’ll hear his side of the story concerning that topic along with Tony’s thoughts on Roddy Piper, Bill Watts, Jim Barnett, Bruiser Brody, Northern Tours, and the summer George Schire worked for him. There’s never a dull moment when Tony Condello stops by.

Rasslin Memories looks back at the History of Women’s Wrestling With Dan Murphy 04/27/17

Area News and Events,Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on April 22, 2017

On this edition of Rasslin Memories, Glen Braget welcomes back to the program Dan Murphy from Pro Wrestling Illustrated to discuss his recent book, co-authored with Pat Laprade, titled “Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women’s Pro Wrestling”, out now from ECW Press.
Dan and Glen discuss the history of women’s pro wrestling, From the late 1800’s to the stars of today. This conversation covers the interesting characters, both and out of the ring, that played a role in a history that was full of many obstacles and outmoded ways of thinking. From Mildred Burke to Charlotte Flair, Women’s Wrestling has come a long way baby!!!

Rasslin Memories Talks Madison Square Garden with Bob Backlund 04/14/17

Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on April 14, 2017

George Schire and Glen Braget welcome former WWF World Champion Mr. Bob Backlund to the program to talk about his many in ring battles at New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden Arena. Bob gives great insight into how he ended up with the WWF and was soon put into the main event spotlight defending the companies’ top title. The inspiration for the recently released book.

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