Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show (05/25/17)

Area News and Events,Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on May 26, 2017
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Mellow is the tone of this show with songs by Steven Klassen, Diane Jarvi, Dave Cofell and others. And we report on Modist Breweing’s plan to design beers based on customer preferences. Cool!

MHB 05/25/2017 Playlist

1 Blinded by Love – Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers
2 Only for One Moment – Dave Cofell
3 8 Days Old – Matt Muller
4 To the Sea – Diane Jarvi
5 Dance Song – Steven Klassen
6 Dark Days – Harbor & Home
7 Rock Where I Stand – Rod Kinny
8 Dumpster Pearls – Jessica Myshack
9 P.S. I Love You – Lexi Wyman
10 Easy Street – Half Nelson

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 05/18/17

Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on May 19, 2017
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LADIES’ NIGHT on MHB as we feature the songwriting talents of Minnesota songstresses from Courtney Yasmineh to Vickie Emerson to Shalo Lee. And we tell you about a most unusual New Zealand beer–not for the faint of heart.

MHB 05/18/2017

1 Daydrunk – Courtney Yasmineh
2 Paper Clips – Holly Henry
3 I See – Alexis Harris
4 Heavy Heart – Kari Arnett
5 Hit by a Bus – Rachael Kilgour
6 Dance Me Into the Night – Vicky Emerson
7 Let the Wind Chase You – Sally Barris
8 Dentistry – Mary Bue
9 Invincible – Lisa DeGiuseppe
10 30 Trips Around the Sun – Phyllis Johnson
11 Take This Town – Makenzie Caine
12 Hometown Girl – Shalo Lee

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 05/04/17

Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on May 10, 2017
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It’s our monthly show featuring tunes from the Minnesota Association of Songwriters including a new song by Colleen Dillon. And we report on Bemidji Brewing’s putting two of their brews in cans this summer

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 04/27/17

Featured Programs,Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on April 28, 2017
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From Matt James to Rickey Stage to Phyllis Johnson, we bring your the best in original music from Minnesota songwriters. And we report on a Norwegian effort to recreate an old Viking beer recipe. Skol!

MHB 04272017

1 Tornado – Matt James
2 Burning Bridges – Bruce Boldt
3 Love Ain’t the Same – Dave Cofell
4 So Long – Larry Suess
5 Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoon) – Vickie Emerson
6 Jealousy Lake – Trevor Marty
7 Disconnected – Riddle Brothers
8 Paul Bunyan, Paul – Tarveys
9 I Am Your Angel – Nikki & the RueMates
10 I Had a Dream – Rickey Stage (Outstate)
11 Minnesota – Harbor & Home

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 4/20/17

Area News and Events,Featured Programs,Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on April 21, 2017
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This show is a hodgepodge of songs by Minnesota tunesmiths, including Dennis Warner, Bob Muscovitz, Rachael Kilgour and Nigel Egg. And we tell you about the July 29 Duluth Beer Fest. Skol!

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