North Star Polka Show March 11, 2017

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Rasslin Memories with Special Guest Dawn “Donna” Lemke 03/4/17

Featured Programs,Rasslin' Memories and More by GlenBraget on March 4, 2017

On this edition of Rasslin Memories, George Schire and Glen Braget are so very pleased to welcome former female professional wrestler Dawn Lemke. Dawn, or Donna, Lemke first broke into the pro wrestling in 1971 and along the way worked here, there and everywhere with the likes of Kay Noble and Vivian Vachon. Aside from her own career in the ring, Donna was , for the better part of the 1970s, the girlfriend of one “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Dawn shares her life with Dusty as well as some great stories about the boys who The Dream worked and played with in the AWA back in the early 70’s. AWA fans, you don’t want to miss this one!!!

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 03/02/17

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First show of the month features songs written by members of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters from Wayne Hamilton to Leslee McKee. And we report on Summit Brewing’s 2017 line-up. Skol!

MHB 03/02/2017

1 Lucky That Way – Wayne Hamilton
2 Sunday – Greg Connor (No FB)
3 The One to Love is You – Colleen Dillon
4 Maybe It’s OK – Dave Birk
5 Minnesota Take Me Back – Bob Muscovitz
6 Take Me Back – Ruby Nordby
7 Kilkenny – Steve & Kim Wolff
8 Without Your Love – Pushing Chain
9 Crazy Bob – Doug Millaway
10 Going Home – Colleen Dillon, Scott Zosel & Greg Connor
11 Proven Wrong – Larry Suess
12 Love Is for Dopes – Mike Rudquist
13 Better Than That – Leslee McKee (with the Dummy Beats)

NorthWest Minnesota Arts Council Interview from 2-28-17

Featured Programs,Northwest MN Arts Council by GlenBraget on March 1, 2017

East Grand Forks (MN) Middle School choral teacher Donovan Hanson shares his first-year efforts within the public school system and the help that the NWMAC has given the public school system through a recent grant.

Minnesota HomeBrew Music Show 2/16/17

Featured Programs,Minnesota Homebrew by GlenBraget on February 17, 2017
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New artist, Tony Passasante and outstate contributor, Ricky Stage, along with news of Utepils Brewing!

MHB 02162017

1. Pick Up the Pieces – Doug Millaway
2. Rock Me Baby – Steven J Schmidt
3. Singing in the Silence – Colleen Dillon
4. Sven Ivan O’Myron Wisnewski – Dale Menten & Ron Dick
5. A Light Shining for Me – Rickey Stage
6. Someone Else’s – Lisa Dixon
7. Heavy Heart – Kari Arnett
8. I Shall Be Released – Tony Passanante
9. One Fast Move (Or I’m Gone) – Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra
10. Staring at the Door – Bob Muscovitz
11. Up in Smoke – Bones of Griff
12. Butterscotch House – Pill Hill

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