Minnesota Music Memories Take You On a Trip Thru Hell 04/14/16

Minnesota Music Memories by GlenBraget on September 28, 2016


Carl Unbehaun takes you down beyond the Underground on the edition of MMM. Carl will you take you back to 1969 and play, in its entirety, Minnesota Psychedelic Rockers C.A. Quintet’s full length cult classic Trip Thru Hell. Crawl into the dark underbelly of sound with this lost gem.

Duluth Rocks!!!

Minnesota Music Memories by GlenBraget on September 28, 2016


Carl Unbehaun focus on the Duluth area with tasty sounds from Jimmy Luhm, The Tadmen Twins, Guided Tour and many more…

Author Rick Shefchik: 1960s Minnesota Rock n Roll

Minnesota Music Memories by GlenBraget on June 30, 2016


Glen Braget chats with Rick Shefchik, author of The new book “Everbody’s Heard About the Bird: The True Story of 1960s Rock N Roll in Minnesota.” The book tells the story of The Trashmen — and the bands that came before and after in the great state of Minnesota Also take a listen to selections by The Trashmen, Augie Garcia, the Underbeats, and more!!

Minnesota Music Memories Duluth Rocks March 31, 2016

Minnesota Music Memories by GlenBraget on April 27, 2016


Minnesota Music Memories 03/31/2016 – DULUTH ROCKS

Primrose Lane – Jimmy Lidell
These Must Be the Times – Jimmy Luhm
Cloudy Summer Afternoon – Tadmen Twins
The Noplace Special – Titans
Outside Chance – The Sounds Like Us
Open My Eyes – Sound Inc
New Directions – Soul Seekers
Live for a Real Good Sound – Small Society
Beer Bust Blues – Scotsmen
50 BC Man – Guided Tour
Dirty Old Man – Electras
Destination – Darkhood
Randee Ram-Jet – Lyn LaSalle
Starship Rider – Actor
Nasty Weather – Quickbreath

MN Music Memories Cavalcade of Stars 02/25/16

Minnesota Music Memories by GlenBraget on March 23, 2016


Prepare your ears as Glen Braget serves up another jam packed menu of music to devour. Hear Blue Plate music specials from TC Atlantic, Bad Omens, Canoise , Castaways, Daisy Dillman Band, and Sussman Lawrence. Enjoy!

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