Remembering Eddie Money with Dresden Engle (10/23/20)

Basement Rock,Best of Braget by Glen Braget on December 6, 2020

Glen Braget chats with Actor/Author/Publicist Dresden Engle about her work on HOLD ON THE STORY OF OUR FRIEND, EDDIE MONEY, the first biography to be released about the Moneyman. Aside from just discussing Eddie’s backstory, Dresden also mentions the time she spent working with Eddie on the stage musical about his life. Eddie’s life and music is celebrated throughout this light and lively conversation.

Joey Molland Disusses New Album, Badfinger’s Legacy and Being a Honorary Minnesotan (10/16/20)

Basement Rock,Best of Braget,Flashback Sunday,Minnesota Music Memories by Glen Braget on November 8, 2020

Glen Braget talks with Joey Molland of the legendary band Badfinger about the release of his new album, Be True To Yourself. Glen and Joey also discuss his musical journey, the legacy of Badfinger and how he ended up living in Minnesota.

Remembering the Litter with Tom Murray

Basement Rock,Best of Braget,Times Past by Glen Braget on July 25, 2020

Tom Murray, original member of legendary Minnesota rock band The Litter, talks with KSRQ’s Glen Braget about full history of the band, including their recently released album “The Future of the Past.”

Just Who Is the The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Heard Of?

Basement Rock,Best of Braget by Glen Braget on July 25, 2020

Glen Braget talks with Andy Cahan, musician and author of “The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Heard Of.” Andy has worked and hung out with some of the biggest names in music history, a list that includes Dr. John, Jimi Hendrix, The Turtles, Frank Zappa, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Harry and Nilsson and many more..

Andy shares many a story in this two-part interview special.

A Look Back at the Story of the Guess Who with John Einarson Part 3 (5/3/20)

Artist Spotlight,Basement Rock,Best of Braget by Glen Braget on June 28, 2020

Part three of a three part look back at the history of the Legendary Winnipeg, Manitoba rock band The Guess Who with Glen Braget and well respected Rock author and Winnipeg music historian John Einarson. In part three, Glen and John discuss Randy Bachman’s exit from the group, Brave Belt and BTO, and how the Guess Who dealt with Randy’s exit and some of the players they added to the group post-Bachman.

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